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The Homepage is online, yeah!!! Thanks to Jesus and to Christian Kuntze from AK Internet.

What applies to the first for my whole life is especially true of the second one here: without you, I would not have made it! If God reimburses you twice for this blessing (which I ask Him to do), then you have a happy 2019 coming!

In the evening then Dynamis game round with the community leadership of the Christ community Wolfenbüttel. Eva is playing the youth church with the high value in "piety" and soon her service is overcrowded. (She rarely plays parlor games, but still has a lot of fun). Björn (Lutheran Church) is good in structures and founds many small groups. Heinz, our church leader, heads the Catholic Church. We check if his field smells of incense.

Already during the game we make the first transmissions to the church life; afterwards we arrange that we want to play it soon with the church council.


Here I report ...

... was ich

  • bei der Entwicklung von Dynamis erlebe,
  • welche Neuigkeiten es gibt,
  • wann die Veröffentlichung geplant ist,
  • usw.