... and a lively church for 3-12 players, ages 12+

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This game is about God and the world and a dream of church. Each player directs a church community that blooms, grows and thrives.


The start is similar for everyone: the same number of visitors come to each church, and the same number of volunteers work in all churches.

However, each chruch community has different qualities. You plan and pray and discuss how to use your powers most meaningfully.

If possible, of course, you undertake actions that match your strengths! But even more important is it to balance your weaknesses.

Of course, every church wants heaven on earth. You are in competition with each other - but often you will depend on each other to come further.

Year by year, your church life is flourishing.

The service is fun, visitors enjoy taking part and people are discovering new talents. You help people you did not even know, and soon enough, the space is no longer big enough. You form groups so that the individual also feels at home. Volunteer circles help other people to get engaged ...

Who of you will experience the liveliest community?

... strength, ability, capatity and is "by far the most commonly used force-term" in classical Greek and thus also in the New Testament. (118 occurrences in the NT) "He can designate the (all) power of God, the miracle-working power of Jesus and the apostles," the healing and saving power of God